Same Storm: The Arts in Crisis

In times of crisis, we turn to the arts. Imagine a world without music, books, painting, cinema, sculpture, photography, or architecture. Imagine a world without live performance; without theatre.

The Arts is in crisis, and artists and venues are in free fall. With all live performances and mass gatherings banned, theatres and music venues remain closed after more than three months with still no sight of light at the end of the deepest and darkest of tunnels.

This is serious. Theatres are closing NOW, and they are closing for good. Jobs are being lost; more will follow. Artists are suffering. Art will suffer, irreparably. In turn, we will suffer — our minds, our communities, our children… humankind.

The Arts runs through the blood of all of us — from toddler group paintings, to gigs and festivals; to the book we could not put down and the play we never wanted to end — and then could not stop thinking about.

Our theatres are so much more than just buildings — they are a vital part of our cultural landscape; our architectural heritage. They sit at the heart of communities that need them, often much more than they realise. They are places people go to share joy, to be challenged, and to be inspired. They are places where families share quality time. They are the institutions of creativity and expertise that shape artists and performers and produce the greatest entertainers of all time; the idols we adore — from a gig at the local pub, to the big stage debut, to the 20th repeat on TV.

Theatres are our real life escape from a complex and often difficult world. They bring connection and comfort. They teach us to listen deeper, to hear each other better, to think differently. They inspire our next generations and they help to create a better world.

When times of crisis are behind us, we will need the Arts more than ever.

But what of the Arts will remain among the debris left behind by this cruel pandemic?

This is a call to arms. Please, act today to help save what we can of an industry that is already starting to die. We want you to fight, and we will fight alongside you.

#SaveTheArts #SaveOurVenues #SaveOurTheatres

Please help by:

  1. Giving what you can to your local theatre or go to
  2. Writing to your local MP. You can find their details at
  3. Sharing this and spreading the word

Thank you.

Same Storm is a multimedia call to arms created through collaboration between four women artists: Rachael Halliwell, Amie Burns Walker, Katie Greenhalf, and Rachel Auty.

B E E R & A R T S | Director at Raucous Agency Ltd | Marketing, PR & events consultant | Engagement strategist | Yorkshire lass | Founder of Women On Tap CIC